In this Play of Life, I am playing the character of a person called, “kevIN kovaDIA”, since October 1991. One life and many roles. Son, Grandson, Brother, Cousin, Nephew, Friend, Student, Intern, Employee, Uncle, Fiance, Husband, Son in law, Brother in law, Freelancer, teacher and many more yet to come.

Introduction as third person

He is born and brought up in Ahmedabad (world heritage city). He has done school education in Gujarati medium from GSHSEB in 2008. He has done a bachelor of engineering in Instrumentation and Control (IC) from Dharmsinh Desai University and an MBA in Technology Management from CEPT University. His MBA Thesis work has been published as a book called “Pumping Water Against Gravity using Solar Energy” by Lambert Academic Publication. 

He got a chance to work in various domain such as Manufacturing Consulting, Advertising, Field Marketing, Online Marketing, Solar Energy, Print Media, and Education. Since August 2019, He is working with fountainhead school as an MYP Product Design and DP Design Technology teacher in Surat, Gujarat. He enjoys travelling, swimming, blogging, film-making, promoting open-source. Some of his favourite open-source projects are Wikipedia, Ubuntu, WordPress, CreativeCommons.org, etc.

WordPress Origin Story

I was introduced to WordPress during my first job in April 2014. our company website was built on WordPress.org and manager by an Agency. It was not viable to contact the agency for minor changes every day, so my manager asked to me learn WordPress. It was only a classic editor at that point of time and enjoyed publishing a different blog post. 

It was just a glimpse of WordPress, my actual journey in January 2019 Ahmedabad WordPress Meetup. During the meetup, I heard from meet-up speaker Alkesh Miyani that the developers who contributed the most in wp 5.0 are from Bangladesh after Bharat. Coming from Non-IT background, it was really shocking for me to know that WordPress.org is an open-source (not one’s monopoly, it is made by many volunteers) and free (not just some basic features are free and rest are paid, but it is entirely free). This incident motivates me to record a podcast on “contribution of Bharat and Bangladesh in WordPress” and upload it to YouTube. After this incident, I started my personal website (site.alakh.co.in/kevinkovadia) and some freelancing work using WordPress dot org.

Till now, I enjoyed attending WordPress meet-ups in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat. It was a great experience to attend WordCamp Pune 2019 and WordPress Nagpur 2019. I got a chance to give a presentation as a speaker on “Digital Marketing using WordPress” at WordPress Meetup Vadodara in July 2019. 

book link: https://www.morebooks.de/store/gb/book/pumping-water-against-gravity-using-solar-energy/isbn/978-3-330-01478-7

publication link: https://www.lap-publishing.com/catalog/details//store/gb/book/978-3-330-01478-7/pumping-water-against-gravity-using-solar-energy